Partnership between you and Commercial Landscape Management?

Imagine this scenario: It’s October, and you just got done spending the last couple of months combing through next year’s budget.  The last few months have been full of conference calls, speculation on things no one can control, and everyone’s favorite tool: spreadsheets.  You and your team have finally come up with a budget that is satisfactory to all the constituents, and you can start working towards achieving the goal: Beating the Budget.  In a perfect scenario, beating the budget leads to personal satisfaction, praise for you and your team members, and a less stressful environment all around.  The only thing that stands in your way at this point is the necessary evil of dealing with vendors and troubleshooting unforeseen problems—after all, they are inevitable right?

What if this process were easier?  What if you had a partner on the vendor side that could help mitigate emergencies, monitor specific budget line items, and provide a group of products and services that will help add value to your property, all while keeping your best interest at heart?

Well, this is exactly what we do at Commercial Landscape Management.  If you look at our website, you can see we are built on a level of company culture that is almost unheard of in the Commercial Landscape industry.  That culture is something that we have made a top priority since the first job we ever stepped foot on.  A strong company culture leads to happy employees.  Happy employees produce prideful and efficient work, which results in partnerships that stand the test of time.  Talk to any of our long-term customers and they’ll stress how they gave us a chance to show them how to we can make the best first impression while constantly keeping their constituents and our employees at the heart of everything we do.  Year in and year out, they renew their contracts with us, and that’s something that we will never take for granted.  We truly PRIDE ourselves on our most important assets, and that’s our employees and our clients

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