Encourage creativity with an outdoor work enviroment

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Why should you give your tennants or employees

Giving employees spaces outside to gather, eat and meet can be a great investment for a building to draw in tenants and lease space. Areas can be identified and created with safety and convenience in mind.

Recent studies have suggested that spending time in nature can lead to increased focus, improved creative thinking, problem solving, and increased happiness. These benefits can have a dramatic impact employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Another benefit of working outdoors is improved creativity. Researchers at Stanford University completed a study on the effects of walking for problem solving and idea generation. Study participants who walked on a treadmill indoors experienced a 60 percent increase in creative output, a notable surge in their ability to generate ideas.

Once the outdoors was factored into the experiment, creative output soared. Of all the variables tested, walking outside “produced the most novel and highest quality” ideas .

81 percent of participants experienced enhanced creative thinking. As it turns out, the way that most people brainstorm — crammed into conference rooms— might not be the most effective approach.

One very simple solution to this can be creating a pocket park area with benches, a shelter with seating or areas with picnic tables. These areas should be thoroughly thought out and designed with interesting plant material and walkways incorporated to the area to draw interest and encourage usage.

New materials, such as composite wood, lend themselves well to long lasting investments in tables and structures. Adding art work and butterfly gardens draw even more interest and usage.

Commercial Landscape Management will help you in everything form initial idea and concept to build out and maintenance. We design spaces that not only function to their fullest, but are built to withstand everyday use by your happy employees and tenants.

If you would like more information on the process in adding a creative outdoor work environment for your employees then be sure too check out our blog on the topic here. or feel free to reach out to us directly.

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