Pushing Commercial Landscape Management Forward

We have all got to the end of the day and wondered where the day went and also felt like we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to. The whirlwind of everyday tasks, to-do’s, and meetings can prevent you or your team from attaining their goals. As COO of Commercial Landscape Management, my job is to get the company to reach its goals by running efficiently while maintaining quality and a happy workforce.

Delegating tasks and not taking on too many tasks will help in focusing your limited time on the tasks that will best help the company.

Commercial Landscape Management has quarterly rocks in our company that is used to focus energy on what can be done to help the company reach its yearly goals.

Every Pride member has one to four rocks per quarter. These are tasks that do not happen on a normal day or week. These tasks take special time and dedication.

Where does this time come from?

Time is made by managing your calendar and daily tasks very well. Remember it is not you alone in a company. It takes a team effort for goals to be reached.

The payoff for the teamwork on these rocks is a company that has reached the financial goals that were set out early in the year. Reaching these goals is a huge motivating factor for many in the company and it also gives confidence to leadership in knowing they can manage and grow a business.

This goes back to the adage if you fail to plan then plan to fail. Operating a business takes dedication, effort, strategy, knowledge, teamwork, and many more things.

It takes a team that has strengths in all these things to operate a successful business that is reaching its goals.

So make sure that the whirlwind of business doesn’t blow your team off course. Make sure they are taking deliberate steps to achieve the goals.

– Mike Bird

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