How Technology is moving the landscape industry forward

When looking at the operations of a company there are many things that affect how we process and prepare for the commercial landscaping of a site.  Whether it is direct, indirect time or even the type of mower that we use, everything that we do has an effect on how we operate and perform.

One thing that we have focused on is how technology can have an effect on our operations.

Technology is a rapidly changing part of all of our lives.  Landscaping is no different.  Whether it is robotic mowers or mowers that are more efficient because of speed or width of cut, they all have an impact on how we process a jobsite.

The most important part of Commercial Landscape Management  is the people whom we employ.  It is becoming increasingly hard to find employees let alone a skilled employee.  Robotic mowers allow for the same amount of work to be done with less labor or faster mowers can increase efficiency which allows the same labor to process more sites in a day.

Management must constantly look at every option available to get a job done.  Just because it has been done that way previously doesn’t mean it should be done that way.  This type of thinking allows for us to look at a site and say what if we….

Landscape companies all do the same tasks so how you do the task is the defining difference in companies.

 As CLM grows we are always looking for that next thing which will be the market disruptor.  The speed of change in the world is very fast and being a follower will not create a great company. 

Management is consistently asked to learn and demo new types of equipment or partner with new companies that are on the cutting edge of technology in the industry.  Hiring a company, trying new things with a company culture that is like no other in the landscape industry is an easy decision. 

So in a nutshell, Commercial Landscape Management is constantly pushing for ways to disrupt the commercial landscape industry, and build a company that is unmatched.

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