The Trend That Commercial Landscape Management Stands Behind


Whether it’s a community that is trying to sell homes, an owner pushing to be fully leased, or a long-standing tenant wanting to make an impact for their clients and customers walking into their business, First Impressions Matter. When people pull onto a site, the main sign, flowers, and overall cleanliness of the landscaping tells them right off the bat if the property is safe, properly invested in, and maintained. Commercial landscape maintenance plays a huge role in that impression, for instance, if signs are covered with shrubs, the shrubs are half dead and there is trash blowing around, that is what will pop into someone’s mind when thinking about your business or HOA. So, what can be done? 

Landscape Maintenance is always the best place to start. Ensuring that you have a contract with a landscape company that understands the focal point of any commercial property, such as the main entrance for the property, as well as the front door to your building. Having a landscaper that trains their employees to always focus on is essential, and knowing that that team will stand back and look at the results of service certainly helps. Our Production Managers help our Forman understand the why, and how to process the site to make sure those areas are always on the list. 

Sometimes, less is more, and removing old shrubs that have already lived their best life can really dramatically enhance important areas. Opening areas up and adding mulch can freshen a dated entrance quickly. Adding back into the landscape shrubs that do not require constant pruning and gives color year-round is also a quick fix to level up focal areas. 

Our designers are highly skilled at taking budgets, big and small, and getting the most bang for the buck when it comes to enhancing areas of your commercial property that could use an upgrade. Phased projects are another way to stretch the dollar and work on a big plan in a way that does not hit so hard at once. Coming up with that plan is key, and cohesive designs matter. 


When First Impressions Matter, give our team a call to level up your landscape! 

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