Job of the Month, Jordan Point of Apex North Carolina

Jordan Pointe is a New Community under construction in Apex, that started in the Fall of 2018 and is continuing to its completion.  This community offers its residents many amenities to enjoy to include a pool, multiple pocket parks, fire pits, a dog park and multiple use paths and a multipurpose field.

Commercial Landscape Management and Grand Entrance Group began working with the property management and development team in early spring of 2021.  With multiple common areas and future common areas throughout this large 425 lot plus community one of the biggest challenges to success for a commercial Landscape team is to understand the site fully.  This takes carefully created maps and team discussions that incorporate not only the management team but also the Foreman that would be onsite week to week.  As a team we all met onsite and reviewed the current common areas and discussed others that would be coming on line during future construction.  The foreman Daniel Longmiere reviewed areas in detail so he could start developing his plan of attack to manage the site each week successfully.

As this fast track to ramp up occurs and a site starts under management we work closely with our Property Manager to make sure we are communicating details and questions effectively so homeowners can see an impact in the switch of service and also listen to make sure all areas are captured for management!

Management services underway we started working with the Development team on Future common areas so these could be planned and worked through to make sure the areas were well thought out and created for years of use and enjoyment.  As this post is being written we are currently getting ready to install several of the pocket parks in sections of the neighborhood.   We are creating both managed turf and planting areas for visual enjoyment in common areas, but also creating a nice shaded spot to stop along the walking trail complete with Trees and columns!

The development process of a community and the management contract that follows are ever evolving as the community works to completion and the goal we have is to make the transition through these changes as smooth as possible through clear communication and listening between the Property Manager, Developer and Residents!

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