How we provide personalized landscape services.

Have you ever taken a picture or something in your house, maybe to match a look or to reference in the future, and noticed something in the photo that you have walked past 100 times and never noticed?


Maybe chipped paint on the door jam, or a dark spot on the ceiling. It’s like perspective blindness. 


Things become clearer when we take it out of our normal day to day context. The same can apply to landscape services. 

Commercial Landscape Management tries to combat that by having multiple eyes on the site as often as possible. Our crews, of course, are there weekly. 


But we also have Project Managers that check on sites and do Quality Judges and punch lists at least once a month. Then we have our Client Relations Managers that do Quality Judges and punch lists as well . These Quality Judges, specifically, let our team know what crew and what issues they may be having that they need training on. 


They deal with the pruning, bed weeds, how they are mowing as well as detail and overall look of the site. We use these as a tool to help us improve, rather than something that needs a reprimand. It has proven to be an effective way of letting us know how we can serve our clients better. 


At Commercial Landscape Management, we always try to find out what the client is looking at specifically when we send our Lions to the site. Because each of our clients are unique, they will all have something that they find frustrating when looking around. Mine, personally, is tree suckers. Our crews will tell you quickly that I will more likely call them out for a tree sucker than anything else. 


One client may feel that way about low branches over a walkway, or the specific doorway they use each day having leaves in the corners. 


The reason Commercial Landscape Management has the best client relations managers in the triangle, is to ensure that we get to know each of  our clients on a personal level to which we can then relay to the crews and project managers in charge of the account to ensure that the client receives the highest quality landscaping in the triangle. Finding innovative solutions is what we do, and our team is committed to helping sites solve their problems. 


If you think that Commercial Landscape Management sounds like the perfect landscape contractor for you, then please contact us to discuss our partnership!

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