My story with Commercial Landscape Management

As I was counting down the days until my graduation I was in the midst of the ever stressful post graduation job search. After sending out countless applications and attending various interviews I made the final decision to join Commercial Landscape Management as an Associate Client Relations Manager. As I near my first 90 days working with the wonderful people of Commercial Landscape Management I can’t help but think about everything I learned so far.

From day one I learned about the company culture and what Commercial Landscape Management and Grand Entrance Group strive to be. Instead of lecturing about the core principles, the company SHOWED me what the culture was through their actions. 

During my first few weeks I spent a lot of time hopping from site to site with Brian Holden, the Director of Client Services. Throughout these site visits he gave me tidbits about site history, what to look for while on site, and client relations advice. The extensive training melted away my first job fears and I felt prepared when it was time for me to visit sites alone. I never felt like I was floundering and if I had questions the whole team was more than willing to help (Outstanding communication). This approach of teaching fundamentals first and having an open line of communication solidified my trust in leadership at Commercial Landscape Management (Leadership in all we do). 

As I started to get in the swing of things I got to know people better and began to notice the little things that make a big difference. I saw how the crews were always ready to help each other out and how management was always willing to lend a hand (Selfless attitude). While I was on sites I would see foremen and crew members taking great care into their work as well as ensuring sites always looked better than when they stepped foot on property. I heard how passionate PJ Mclean and Antron Longmire, our best project managers, were when it came to taking care of their sites (Noble character). 

And at 90 days I’m witnessing all of the new ideas being thrown around the table. New solutions to everyday problems and hearing about new technology in the landscaping industry is an exciting part of working at a forward thinking company (Innovative solutions). 

Leadership in all we do

Innovative solutions

Outstanding communication

Noble character,

Selfless attitude.

I am happier than I ever was as a LION and hope to grow with the company. Commercial Landscape Management  is the best introduction to the green industry that I could have ever imagined.

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