The Dynamic Duo—The Commercial Landscape Management And Grand Entrance Group Partnership

Enhance blog post Commercial Landscape Management and Grand Entrance Group truly are your one-stop-shop for the entire lifecycle of your landscape.  The services we offer carry our clients from the pre-planning stage through the installation phase all the way to maintenance and beyond.  Grand Entrance Group was founded on the premise that “First Impressions Matter.”  To us, that means taking care of anything and everything, which means being a partner with you from the beginning.  We offer in-house design services for everything from monument design, buffer planting, and maintenance development plans that will allow our clients to work with one point of contact for the duration of their processes, regardless of their needs.  GEG has designed and installed some of the most unique monuments and buffer plantings in the Triangle, which is then passed off Commercial Landscape management for continued maintenance, where our experienced staff works with decision-makers on-site to develop a maintenance program that works best for the property, if you would like to find out more information on this process please check out our previous blog post here. So whether you are looking for a rough design of a new picnic area or are looking to develop the most impressive new entrance in the market or Spice up your current HOA amenities, we are here to serve you.  With outside environments becoming more necessary as social distancing continues, feel free to Contact us or get a service quote for your Neighborhood or commercial property.

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