Why invest in your commercial landscaping?

Holly springs Landscaping

To a lot of people, landscape maintenance is a necessary evil—it’s something that everyone needs but can also have a hard time investing in. We get that, but think about it, what is the first thing your subconscious notices about ANY commercial property you go to? It’s the landscape, and specifically how it’s being maintained. 

You might not realize it, but if you pull up to a shopping center that clearly doesn’t pay attention to its landscape, you are going to limit the amount of time you are there. If you pull up to a restaurant that has unkempt shrubs and weeds growing everywhere, your first thought will likely be “is this even a good place to eat?” When you pull up to a place that makes you feel good upon arrival, it is normally because of well-maintained landscaping – think about it

This is where curb appeal plays such a large role in the value of things you are willing to purchase, places you eat, and locations you visit. “Curb appeal” is a pretty broad concept, but if you think about your landscaping as your first impression on customers the value adds up. Did you know that curb appeal can make you spend up to 30% more on goods, stay 20% longer at places, and pay up to 15% more for a house?

Think about any high-end Homeowners Association (HOA) or community—what are the housing prices like compared to their neighboring communities? How do you feel when you visit a Chick-Fil-A or a similar well-maintained restaurant? Why do you think an Apple store only sources itself in higher-end shopping centers, or why is Disney World so unbelievably meticulous about its landscape detail (you will NEVER see a dead annual there, it’s a RULE!)?

The maintenance of the natural and planted landscape is one of the most subtle but important feelings anyone can have. It drives your ability to feel safe, to be comfortable, to want to stay and enjoy, and to want to come back.

When you step back and think about the big picture, the amount of money you spend on landscape maintenance directly affects every visitor to your property, every day. You need to make sure you prioritize your curb appeal accordingly. We promise the investment is worth it!

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