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Our Story

Our story begins in the 1980s with Grand Entrance. Our reputation for quality work and excellent service made Grand Entrance one of the most sought after and respected entrance developers in the greater Raleigh area. With a focus on customer service, outstanding communication, and innovative solutions to our client’s obstacles, we became the reliable choice for entrance developers who could deliver on their promises. This naturally progressed into maintaining the landscapes we installed. Frankly, maintaining is an entirely different business than designing and installing entrances, but there continued to be a demand for our level of service to the industry.

June of 2019, Grand Entrance acquired Commercial Landscape Management, a 37-year-old maintenance business that shared many of the same values core to Grand Entrance. Commercial Landscape Management had also grown a reputation for standout customer service and delivery. With one point of contact for clients, they are able to deliver efficiently, effectively, and with integrity. The hard work was actually on Grand Entrance Group to prove to the Commercial Landscape Management customers that they would continue to receive the same level of service they had grown accustomed to. Our goal was to exceed it.

We are fortunate to have one of the most gifted leaders we know join our team, Mike Bird. Mike is one thesis away from his Ph.D. in Organizational Physiology. When you ask him why, he responds “I just wanted one.” With this team, Grand Entrance Group retained 99% of the existing customers while expanding our customer base.

We continue to strive for growth and excellence adhering to these values:

Leadership in all we do

Innovative solutions

Outstanding communication

Noble character,

Selfless attitude.

Finding our L.I.O.N.S. has started a movement inside our culture that is outside the traditional “mold”. We do the hard work of finding the people who understand our core values and help develop them into the best workers and call them up to the best versions of themselves. The investment in our people is shown at the end of each day; after a crew finishes their schedule, they call the next crew to ask if they need reinforcements. In turn, every crew rolls in at the same time, because they live “no man left behind” mentality.

Our Leadership Team

Pamela Venegas

Human Resources Manager

Jason Buehring

Fleet Manager

Brian Holden

Director of Client Services

Travis Cook

Branch Manager - Willow Springs

Walter Melgar

IT Manager

Rob McCombs

Business Development Mnagager

Luke Nakoneczny

Client Relations Manager

Edgar Flores


Antron Longmire

Project Manager

Fred Cotton


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